Saturday, May 14, 2016

Why did she die?

It was 2 weeks before our highschool graduation. Everyone was living up to the fullest in those last days. My friends and I went swimming often. I remember May 11th, 2013 very well. It was the day Sonya died. I had gone swimming with a close friend, and some other kids we knew from class had showed up and bummed some smokes off us. We left, and went to hang out on another friends front porch. The sun had gone down. The most amazing breeze filtered through the leaves and grass. I remember saying how serene and perfect it felt. How that night, was indeed one of the best of our lives. Shortly after, a girl came out of the house and asked if we were in Sonya Alania's class. We said we were, Sonya and I weren't close, but she was always so kind and happy. The girl told us that she passed away that night in a car accident. No way. Sonya? No. This was a sick joke.
3 years later I look back and remember that day. That perfect breeze. How I long to go back. Sonya will be forever young, immortalized at 18. I have a quarter life crisis every time I think about her. Why her? She was the one person in school that never spread hate, just a beautiful smile. Of all of the people, she would have done amazing things in life if things didn't happen as they did. But she will always stay in her prime.
I wish I could have said hello a few more times.

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